Improve Your Photographic Eye with the 2015 iView Series

AC Johnson Fine Art Photography is pleased to announce a series of one-day workshops for 2015, called the iView Series.  The iView sessions are dedicated to improving your photographic eye through short, but complete exploration of photographic topics.   Each session includes 1/2 of the day on shooting the topic and 1/2 day working through editing techniques, and a single image critique for each participant.

iconiView Session May 2, 2015

Dynamic Black and White Landscape Photography

featuring the use of Singh Ray Gold-N-Blue For BW Photography

all participants are eligible for a Singh Ray 10% discount


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Date: May 2, 2015

Time: 1 hour before sunrise to sunset

Cost: $109/person

Location: Duluth, MN and surrounding area.  Editing Room to be announced.

Description: With the guidance of Alec, you will learn to see a color landscape and translate it to black and white in your mind, and then to create that image with your camera.  Specifically, the workshop will feature use of the Singh Ray Gold N Blue color polarizer, along with shooting and editing techniques developed exclusively by Alec to give your black and white images that punch you seek.  Specific editing topics include: general workflow, multiple B&W adjustment layers and masks, dodging and burning.

Requirements: You must be shooting with a digital SLR camera and tripod, and ideally (not required, but email me if you don’t) have at least one traditional landscape lens that covers 24mm field of view, in either a 77mm or 82mm ring size.  Additionally, you need a laptop running at least Photoshop.  Lightroom is good to have too.  Editing demonstrations will cover the use of both.

Skill/Ability:  This session is for the hobbiest/intermediate or advanced photographer with full working knowledge of camera fundamentals and software fundamentals.  This is not for novice photographers who are still learning use of their camera.

The cost of this session is $109 which includes tuition and a location for editing and critique. A non-refundable deposit of $55 is required to hold your spot in this limited space session. Full payment is required within 24 hours of session. Payment accepted via Paypal. Paypal accepts most forms of credit cards for payment. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card.  The workshop can be canceled due to weather, and in that case, full refunds will be provided.

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