Be! Workshop

  • 6 weeks
  • Limit:  5 participants
  • Mode of Delivery: Online
  • Price: $295
  • Dates: Coming Soon

    This is the course I’ve always wanted to teach!  The Be! Workshop is a recognition that sometimes we need to reconnect with the things that brought us to photography in the first place.  You’ll have fun and be asked to work from the heart.   The lessons expand your creativity and comfort with being playful again – something, as adults, most of us have lost.

    The structured exercises, or prompts if you will, help you improve your photography by learning to Be! a more intentional viewer of the world around you.  You begin with exercises in seeing and creativity, then move on to exercises in presence and engagement and finish specifically with putting together a photo essay.  Each week you’ll receive gentle, video-based feedback on your assignment images and participate in a Zoom discussion session.

    I can’t stress enough that this workshop is not a competition about who takes the best photo.  Its about you and your journey with photography.

    You Should Consider This Course If:

    • You enjoy photography – all levels of skill encouraged
    • You own a DSLR or Smart Phone


    • Minimum is a cell phone camera; use of more advanced equipment, such as DSLRs, tripods and filters are welcomed, but not necessary.
    • No software or photo editing skill necessary.  This course is about photography and you.  It is not about editing.

    Week 1 – Be! Present

    This is a personal walk about with your camera, learning to see through visual cues I provide you, very much in the tradition of Miksang (or Contemplative) photography.

    Week 2 – Be! Playful

    You must access your inner child and learn to be silly and playful, photographing an inanimate object as an animated living being.

    Week 3 – Be! Open

    In this lesson, you learn to open your mind further to photographic possibilities by shooting in conditions most of us would choose to avoid.

    Week 4 – Be! Authentic

    This lesson is designed to make yourself vulnerable to a stranger by giving of yourself first and then asking for help in return. All of this done through photography.

    Week 5 – Be! Reflective

    You’ll produce, in photographs, your PHOTOGRAPHY origin story, scenes that represent motivations for taking up photography and perhaps your identity with photography.

    Week 6 – Be! A Storyteller

    In this two part lesson you will first learn to identify, visually, elements of a story and then photography a story of your choosing.