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Light Painting Workshop – Sept. 25th and 27th, 2020

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View Finder Workshop – Fall 2020

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New Work

1939 Harley Davidson "Knucklehead"

An American Legend

Outside The Arena

A book and show of photography telling the story of what happens behind the scenes or, “Outside The Arena,” at a rodeo. Available Summer 2020

Fine Art Prints For Sale

Landscapes, both regional and national icons, color and monochrome. 




Bold and Unique

Black and White Landscapes


Classic and Elegant



Strong and Evocative


Shooting A Project

Shooting A Project

Unique fine art photography is not an accident.  It takes work, focus and discipline.  For two years I've been advising members of local camera clubs to "give yourself a project to shoot."  After all, that is what most accomplished fine art photographers...

Fine Art Photography Print

Fine Art Photography Print

Printing: A Growing Market I just received my 24' x 30" print of the above image and am I blown away by the quality, depth and richness.  I get so excited to see my photographic art in print, but for a long time I thought I was crazy.  Almost no one I knew was...

Enter a Fine Art Photography Competition

Enter a Fine Art Photography Competition

If you're insecure about your fine art photography, then join the group with the rest of us.  We all seek validation on many levels.  The artist in us is one of those levels. We love our own work, on most days, and we want others to do the same.  Love it. ...