About Alec

Alec is a Saint Paul – based freelance architecture, vehicle and fine art photographer.  Two of his current passions include the photographic process of light painting and shooting his new projects around food.  He maintains a strong love for landscape photography, in particular Lake Superior and the desert southwest.  Currently, Alec is represented by the Sterling Art Gallery located in Silver City, New Mexico.

Alec has won recognition across multiple genres of photography and continues to push his conceptual work forward.

Light Painting

Under the brand CycleRally Photos, Alec has pushed the boundries of digital photography with the method, “Light Painting.”  While the process was invented in the film era of photography, Alec has taken it to a more artistic craft then ever before.  He has developed his own lighting tools and techniques, and his work is unequalled. 

Always Teaching

Alec is an award-winning professor of Entrepreneurship and is no stranger to teaching.  He is also a highly regarded guest speaker with local camera clubs and frequently volunteers as a salon judge.  He has started volunteer teaching photography to combat-wounded verterans through Honoring Our Veterans, based in Jackson, WY. 

Alec is well known for his supportive and educational critique methods aimed at meeting each photographer where he or she is in the journey.  Contact Alec directly for speaking engagement requests.

  • Fun and Engaging
  • Technical Orientation
  • Artistic Orientation

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