The growth of digital photography is a blessing and curse.  The curse is that the the crafting and commitment to creating fine art images in lost more than ever in the flood of digital imagery presented before us every day.  The blessing is that, like never before, we can capture scenes more creatively, more accurately.  We can more readily access difficult-to-reach landscapes without the burden of hauling medium or large format film cameras.

More importantly, it is not the medium that dictates whether an image is fine art.  It is the vision of the photographer, and the process of capturing and creating the final print that matters.  In these images, in particular the black and white photos, is a strong theme and vision; the relationship of earth and forest with the power of water, whether it be in the lake or in a river.  The entire landscape is powerfully formed and influenced by water.  Alec’s photographic eye and keen sense of the landscape highlights the impact of water in a very unique manner.

Alec Johnson has spent 8 years gathering this select collection of images, logging over 10,000 miles from the Twin Cities to the North Shore, illustrating a genuine love and connection to the landscape.  The majority of these trips are duds, producing nothing meeting Alec’s exceptionally high standards for fine art images.  Flat tires, dangerous conditions, broken and lost equipment, many many hours behind the wheel of his Pathfinder, often accompanied by his dog Kaya.